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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Martin Luther King, Jr


The legacy lives on, but not in black churches which want "reparations" and claim that their venomous vitriol is "prophecy" (trust me on this, it's not). Two things must occur for a prophet to be a Prophet of God: 1- prophecies must never be at odds with the Word of God as left to us in the Canon, and 2- every prophecy of a proclaimed prophet is always correct. If he speaks one false statement, the speaker brands himself as a false prophet. Or, black churches have turned to the "prosperity" gospel which states God blesses the faithful with wealth and spiritual power.

The prosperity gospel is winning in black churches. These churches claim to teach personal responsibility, motivating and equipping people to become prosperous. But where's the "community service?" Isn't there a vital part of living your faith missing from a "prosperity" gospel? There still are a few ministers who claim to be prophetic and a number of them do follow the words of Jesus to encourage their congregations to become social reformers and social activists. But where is Dr. MLKing Jr's message of non-violent confrontations for social justice?

The white congregations look on Dr. MLKing, Jr, as a religious hero. The black congregations are interested more in financial prosperity. And perhaps an independence which says "See, I don't need any white person's help." But why are you even seeing this in "white and black" at all. Are we not just human beings? Why is color so important to black church leaders? Don't throw the "our heritage" smoke screen. If we're all God's children, then, why are we not all one big happy family, without regard to color (at least)?

Where are those blacks when poor black neighborhoods are being overrun with black gang members? Why are the black church members not there to live and preach the gospel? Why are they not setting up seminars to teach self-help and self-management? Blacks want to attack whites (it's so easy to tell us apart, I guess, which is so much racist profiling as not to need a comment). It's always the white person's fault. Blacks are the victims of white suppression. Oh, really? Looks to me as if blacks are the victims of their own or other blacks' suppression. Black on black crime is higher than black on white crime. And while we're there . . . where are those black preachers when you need them? Are they marching through black neighborhoods and black public housing ghettos giving support to the blacks who must live there due to lack of education or jobs? No, they're sitting at home counting their big cars, diamond rings, and fancy houses in upscale communities. Is there something wrong with this picture?

How many blacks do you know who have volunteered to work with Habitat for Humanity? I mean just volunteering to work, without earning credit-hours toward their own Habitat House? When I worked on a house years ago, everyone except the woman and children who would later live in the house were true volunteers and every one of them was white. This was in Alabama, so it's not like there were no blacks around who could have volunteered.

I see Catholic Charities helping blacks more than I see any black organization helping blacks. And while we're at it, Catholic Charities is one of the highest ranking charity organizations. All donations go to assist the poor, unlike most other "charity" organizations which use donations for salaries, travel, building expenses, publicity, etc.

Refute me if you can. Give me websites with statistics to prove me wrong. And if you consider yourself black, read the BHObama Files and the article on BHObama's logic and write me a comment. I'm interested to hear your response. Thanks and have a really good day.

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Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
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