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Sunday, October 30, 2005



Old catechisms asked, "Why did God make you?" The answer: "God made me to know him, to love him, and to serve him in this world and to be happy with him forever in the next." Here, in just 26 words, is the whole reason for our existence. Jesus answered the question even more briefly: "I came so that [you] might have life and have it more abundantly" (John 10:10).

God’s plan for you is simple. Your loving Father wants to give you all good things—especially eternal life. Jesus died on the cross to save us all from sin and the eternal separation from God that sin causes (CCC 599–623). When he saves us, he makes us part of his Body, which is the Church (1 Cor. 12:27–30). We thus become united with him and with Christians everywhere (on earth, in heaven, in purgatory).

What You Must Do to Be Saved
Best of all, the promise of eternal life is a gift, freely offered to us by God (CCC 1727). Our initial forgiveness and justification are not things we "earn" (CCC 2010). Jesus is the mediator who bridged the gap of sin that separates us from God (1 Tim. 2:5); he bridged it by dying for us. He has chosen to make us partners in the plan of salvation (1 Cor. 3:9).

The Catholic Church teaches what the apostles taught and what the Bible teaches: We are saved by grace alone, but not by faith alone (which is what "Bible Christians" teach; see Jas. 2:24).

When we come to God and are justified (that is, enter a right relationship with God), nothing preceding justification, whether faith or good works, earns grace. But then God plants his love in our hearts, and we should live out our faith by doing acts of love (Gal. 6:2).

Even though only God’s grace enables us to love others, these acts of love please him, and he promises to reward them with eternal life (Rom. 2:6–7, Gal. 6:6–10). Thus good works are meritorious. When we first come to God in faith, we have nothing in our hands to offer him. Then he gives us grace to obey his commandments in love, and he rewards us with salvation when we offer these acts of love back to him (Rom. 2:6–11, Gal. 6:6–10, Matt. 25:34–40).

Jesus said it is not enough to have faith in him; we also must obey his commandments. "Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ but do not do the things I command?" (Luke 6:46, Matt. 7:21–23, 19:16–21).

We do not "earn" our salvation through good works (Eph. 2:8–9, Rom. 9:16), but our faith in Christ puts us in a special grace-filled relationship with God so that our obedience and love, combined with our faith, will be rewarded with eternal life (Rom. 2:7, Gal. 6:8–9).

Paul said, "God is the one who, for his good purpose, works in you both to desire and to work" (Phil. 2:13). John explained that "the way we may be sure that we know him is to keep his commandments. Whoever says, ‘I know him,’ but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him" (1 John 2:3–4, 3:19–24, 5:3–4).

Since no gift can be forced on the recipient—gifts always can be rejected—even after we become justified, we can throw away the gift of salvation. We throw it away through grave (mortal) sin (John 15:5–6, Rom. 11:22–23, 1 Cor. 15:1–2; CCC 1854–1863). Paul tells us, "The wages of sin is death" (Rom. 6:23).

Read his letters and see how often Paul warned Christians against sin! He would not have felt compelled to do so if their sins could not exclude them from heaven (see, for example, 1 Cor. 6:9–10, Gal. 5:19–21).

Paul reminded the Christians in Rome that God "will repay everyone according to his works: eternal life for those who seek glory, honor, and immortality through perseverance in good works, but wrath and fury to those who selfishly disobey the truth and obey wickedness" (Rom. 2:6–8).

Sins are nothing but evil works (CCC 1849–1850). We can avoid sins by habitually performing good works. Every saint has known that the best way to keep free from sins is to embrace regular prayer, the sacraments (the Eucharist first of all), and charitable acts.

Are You Guaranteed Heaven?
Some people promote an especially attractive idea: All true Christians, regardless of how they live, have an absolute assurance of salvation, once they accept Jesus into their hearts as "their personal Lord and Savior." The problem is that this belief is contrary to the Bible and constant Christian teaching.

Keep in mind what Paul told the Christians of his day: "If we have died with him [in baptism; see Rom. 6:3–4] we shall also live with him; if we persevere we shall also reign with him" (2 Tim. 2:11–12).

If we do not persevere, we shall not reign with him. In other words, Christians can forfeit heaven (CCC 1861).

The Bible makes it clear that Christians have a moral assurance of salvation (God will be true to his word and will grant salvation to those who have faith in Christ and are obedient to him [1 John 3:19–24]), but the Bible does not teach that Christians have a guarantee of heaven. There can be no absolute assurance of salvation. Writing to Christians, Paul said, "See, then, the kindness and severity of God: severity toward those who fell, but God’s kindness to you, provided you remain in his kindness, otherwise you too will be cut off" (Rom. 11:22–23; Matt. 18:21–35, 1 Cor. 15:1–2, 2 Pet. 2:20–21).

Note that Paul includes an important condition: "provided you remain in his kindness." He is saying that Christians can lose their salvation by throwing it away. He warns, "Whoever thinks he is standing secure should take care not to fall" (1 Cor. 10:11–12).

If you are Catholic and someone asks you if you have been "saved," you should say, "I am redeemed by the blood of Christ, I trust in him alone for my salvation, and, as the Bible teaches, I am ‘working out my salvation in fear and trembling’ (Phil. 2:12), knowing that it is God’s gift of grace that is working in me."

Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth
Revised Second Edition
Copyright © 1996, Catholic Answers.
All Rights Reserved.
(Note: CCC references are to the pages in The Catechism of the Catholic Church.)


Muhammad lied when he said he has come with clear proof. He asked people to believe in him simply because he said so and if they didn't, he ordered them to be killed. The only proof given was the sword. In other words, "I am right because I can kill you".

Muhammad did all sorts of evil things and said follow my examples. Would really God choose a despicable man like Muhammad to be the guidance to Mankind? Does it make sense at all? Can the maker of this universe be so stupid, so cruel, so sadistic, to send an evil man like Muhammad who commits all sorts of crimes, fill his book of revelation will hodgepodge and ridiculous tales and demand us to forgo our intelligence and accept this evil man nonetheless or else we would face eternal burning. ETERNAL burning??? Isn’t this nuts? How can the allegedly merciful God be so sadistic?

Do you see my friend? People are not genetically or clinically stupid. But they allow themselves to be fooled.

Just where are those women liberators? They're not in the Middle East.

A woman is like a private part. When she goes out the devil casts a glance at her"

Al-Hadis, trans. Al-Haj Maulana Fazlul Karim, vol. 2, p. 692, from Mishkat al-Masabih, by Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Mahmud Tabrizi

This women thinks she is 100% vagina.

What is the subliminal message this woman is sending? The subliminal message is that every square inch of my body is private part, every square inch of it can make you horny. Therefore my entire body is an 'awrat, (lit. pudendum, genital) and I am a sex object from head to toe. People cover their private parts. This woman thinks her entire body is private part. Does this in anyway arouse respect? Only one who thinks with her genital may think so.

These women think they are 96% vagina 4% people.

These women have determined that all their bodies, except their faces, are extensions of their genitals, including their heads. Thinking with their genitals they can't distinguish the difference between their hair and their pubic hair. To them both are embarrassing and should be covered. Thinking with their genitals these ambulant vaginas are fighting for the right to be humiliated, beaten and treated as sex objects.

Spread this message and reproduce it in your site. Let all Muslim women know the world sees them exactly the way they see themselves and Muhammad described them - as 'awrat, pudenda, private part and deficient in intelligence. They think of themselves as nothing but a big vagina. As a matter of fact the word "woman" in Urdu is 'awrat. In Iran she is called zaifeh (weak). She is regarded weak both mentally and physically. Muslim women strive to be treated as 'awrat, a walking talking vagina. Why should we think of them differently? Combat stupidity with humiliation.

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A reporter in Iraq who is there with no sponsorship from media has this blog:
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And for balance, a blog from Israel:
What Paula Says

For those who wish to know more:
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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Friendship is a treasure
One you rarely find
If you search with human heart and mind.

Friendship is a flower
Blooming where it will
Throughout summer's heat and winter's chill.

Friendship is a present
A joyous surprise
Welcomed with humbleness by the wise.

Friendship is respect
Undiscovered delight
A constant amid the shadows and the light.

Friendship is a touch
Light as angel wings
Bringing with it a heart that sings.

May all your friendships be filled with wonder, thankfulness, and song.

Poem Copyright Carol E Donaldson 2005.
Images Copyright Sue McDonagh

Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm developed

Well, not really. I learned what to do about my benefits. And about how much I'll get from my State retirement.

So, what did I learn?

Well, I learned that it's time to metamorph (again).

From the cap/hat sandal and hikerboot clad backpacking, kayaking, dog loving friend of my friends, child of my parents, mother of my children, Nana of my grandchildren to . . .

. . . the woman with make up, real shoes, real purse (not a backpack or belly-pack) and a hat that looks like a hat.

Oh, yeah, the jeans and jean-type pants will stay. The hair is still short, but may be styled a bit. The tees will be replaced by real blouses.

I'm NOT abandoning who I am. Just externally morphing back to what I resembled at 40 or 45.

WHY? Glad you asked. It just seems to be a good time to do so. No one is expecting it, other than my daughter because I called her about which make up color to use. Of course, the manufacturer no longer makes that kind of make up. Grrrr.

Why? Just seems right for right now.

Do I have to have a reason for what I do?

Why did God send His Son to die for us "while we were yet sinners?" Was there a reason other than that He loves His creation? I take a lesson from God's love for me and respond with similar actions or words.

God loves me, I pass along that love. Maybe I smile when I see someone walking past me in the store. Maybe I take a stray cart back to the cart-keeper. Maybe I pick up an article of clothing that's fallen off a rack and put it back. Maybe I let someone in the check-out line in front of me. Maybe I buy a bottle of wine for a friend so that I can gift her (as I have been gifted by God). Maybe I send money to an organization which has inspired me. Maybe I buy a magazine subscription to a magazine because I liked an article I read. Maybe I see my place in God's creation as being a blessing everywhere I go.

If I need a reason for being who I am and doing what I do and acting as I act, this is it: I am a blessing everywhere I go.

+Thank you Lord for reminding me that You have placed me where You want me to be and given me the opportunity to be Your blessing everwhere I go.+

Monday, October 24, 2005

My last chance at development

Silly title. I'm about to embark on the last 'annual development conference' with my job.

My LAST one! I am on the 'count down' days of the last year of employment!

Soon, I shall be "retired" -- RE? Tired? -- HA, I laugh at the word(s).

I will not be RE, it'll be the FIRST time I've been FREE OF EMPLOYMENT with enough income to actually enjoy not working.

What do I think retirement will bring?

Good question.

I'll answer it when I get back from my "adc" -- see ya later.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Camera's Purpose

Hold the pose
Lens moves faster
Than a blink.
The image caught
On film.

Print photo;
Place in frame;
See the image
Of what was then
Smiling you.

In your smile
Is all you are
From then to now:
Ageless youth.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Asians in China and their dietary habits

The above picture will take you to a website that may make you very angry. China is still raising what Americans call pets for their dinner tables.

Please inform others of the horrific practices occurring in China -- PETA lists this atrocity on their website, but I haven't heard much publicity from them about REAL animal abuse. They tend to want publicity for easy targets using Hollywood celebrities.

KIDS and Teachers, go here:

Be pro-active, write your legislators. Find them at First Gov . gov.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mourning before The Morning

Would her mourning ever end?
Grieving her lost son
She’d held his lifeless body
Tears mingling with his blood.

Would she now live with kin?
For other sons she had none
He had been her greatest joy
His provision her foremost job.

She looked to the women and men
Who followed her beloved one
As he taught in parables
The virtues leading to paradise.

God alone her heart would mend
Filling it with tasks undone
Busying her hands with love
In honoring his blessed life.

And so she did. Before her sorrowing nights, she it was who prepared that upper room and told the men to wait beside the donkey and foal. Now she would busy herself in service to his friends and ponder all these things in her heart. Hoping beyond hope for events yet to be. Believing everything he said.

copyright C.E.Donaldson 2005

"America" . . . as you were and can be again.

The following is a poem written by Judge Roy Moore from Alabama. Judge Moore was sued by the ACLU for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom foyer. He has been stripped of his judgeship and now they are trying to strip his right to practice law in Alabama. The judge's poem sums it up quite well.

America the Beautiful, or so you used to be.
Land of the Pilgrims' pride; I'm glad they'll never see.
Babies piled in dumpsters, Abortion on demand,
Oh, sweet land of liberty, your house is on the sand.

Our children wander aimlessly poisoned by cocaine,
Choosing to indulge their lusts, when God has said abstain.
From sea to shining sea, our Nation turns away
From the teaching of God's love and a need to always pray.
So many worldly preachers tell lies about our Rock,
Saying God is going broke so they can fleece the flock.
We've kept God in our temples, how callous we have grown.
When earth is but His footstool, and Heaven is His throne.

We've voted in a government that's rotting at the core,
Appointing Godless Judges who throw reason out the door,
Too soft to place a killer in a well deserved tomb,
But brave enough to kill a baby before he leaves the womb.
You think that God's not angry, that our land's a moral slum?
How much longer will He wait before His judgment comes?

How are we to face our God, from Whom we cannot hide?
What then is left for us to do, but stem this evil tide?
If we who are His children, will humbly turn and pray;
Seek His holy face and mend our evil way:
Then God will hear from Heaven and forgive us of our sins,
He'll heal our sickly land and those who live within.
But, America the Beautiful, if you don't then you will see,
A sad but Holy God withdraw His hand from Thee.

Judge Roy Moore

Friday, October 07, 2005

Writing a poem/song

I got a phrase stuck in my head and I'm working on a poem/song right now. I'll give you the chorus but hold off on the verses until I complete them.

I always knew You by heart;
I always knew You by heart;
Before I was, You knew me,
Before I was, I knew You,
I always knew You by heart.

Now this one is not going to be used in the poem/song, but I thought it quite appropriate to insert here.

I wasn't sure where the poem/song was going, but it appears to be headed towards a pro-life emphasis. The chorus leads us there by itself.

I'm letting it rest for now, but should have something to share in a week or so.

I always knew You by heart;
I always knew You by heart;
Before I was, You knew me,
Before I was, I knew You,
I always knew You by heart.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

October 4, 2005

For the first time in a month, I smiled this morning from deep within.

Life Is Good. God is. God is Good.

Romans 8:28 And we know that to them that love God, all things work together unto good, to such as, according to his purpose, are called to be saints. 29 For whom he foreknew, he also predestinated to be made conformable to the image of his Son; that he might be the firstborn amongst many brethren. 30 And whom he predestinated, them he also called. And whom he called, them he also justified. And whom he justified, them he also glorified.

29 "He also predestinated"... That is, God hath preordained that all his elect should be conformable to the image of his Son. We must not here offer to pry into the secrets of God's eternal election; only firmly believe that all our good, in time and eternity, flows originally from God's free goodness; and all our evil from man's free will.

31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who is against us? 32 He that spared not even his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how hath he not also, with him, given us all things? 33 Who shall accuse against the elect of God? God that justifieth. 34 Who is he that shall condemn? Christ Jesus that died, yea that is risen also again; who is at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us. 35 Who then shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation? or distress? or famine? or nakedness? or danger? or persecution? or the sword?

36 (As it is written: For thy sake we are put to death all the day long. We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.) 37 But in all these things we overcome, because of him that hath loved us. 38 For I am sure that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor might, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

38 "I am sure"... That is, I am persuaded; as it is in the Greek, pepeismai.

Monday, October 03, 2005

October 3, 2005

Today at 1:05 PM Eastern Time, I turned 61 years old. (I was born at 12:05 Central Time in Montgomery, Alabama.)

I celebrated my birthday with dear friends who took me to dinner and who have been anchors for me in the emotion tossed waters since Crockett's death.

There are no words to express my thankfulness for them and to them.

I've spoken with everyone in my immediate family.

Life is good. Even amid the tears, life is good.

Casey says it's time for sleep.

And so it is. +Pace e Bene+

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Pedestal

Bare it stands
Stately marble
No fault line to mar
Perfection in white.

Draped in velvet
Hiding secrets or

Wreathed in laurel
A champion's prize.

Cold as stone
Unfeeling as marble.

No contemplating mind,
No seeing eyes,

No beating heart,
No ears to hear.

No death to feel,
No one to mourn.

Save angels with dry tears.

Islam Coexist? Muhammed said "Never!"

Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
Thanks al_c
"We love death. The United States loves life. That is the big difference between us." – Osama bin Laden
"I have been made victorious through terror." Muhammad, founder of Muhammadism now called Islam (Submit or Die)

Barack Obama Says He Lacks Experience To Be U.S. President

And HERE he proves it.

Obama calls it "My Muslim Faith" and This Raises More Questions

George Stephanopoulos tries to correct Obama when he says "my Muslim faith" but it wasn't a gaffe and Obama corrects Stephanopoulos. The Question is: Why say "MY Muslim faith" first? He went back to correct Stephanopoulos, but again "MY Muslim faith" was used. WHY?

Obama is to the USofA as Castro was to Cuba!

Patriots For Action dot org