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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Truth in Advertising

How about a little truth when offering abortions about the pain the babies experience during the procedure?.

How about a little truth about anti-Christian bias and the slow marginalization of those confessing the Christian faith?" How Christianophobia is affecting Europe and European Christians.

How about a little truth instead of blatant anti-Catholicism masquerading as an 'anti-political advertisement' and on Canadian PUBLIC Television!?

How about a little truth about the lack of Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia, while proclaiming a special day for Religious Freedom in the USofA, Mr. Bush?

How about a little honesty when arguing about money? All money arguments are caused by a conflict of core values, and the hierarchy ranking system of those core values inside of the persons having the argument.

How about a little honesty when creating regulations before a legislature has created a law? Allowing a lobbying arm of a State Medical Insurance Administration to have so much influence on a State Legislature Committee is a huge abrogation of the democratic process.

How about a little publicity for a website that gives parents facts on sexually transmitted diseases in terms they can use to discuss these issues with their children?

How about a little human dignity instead of using "Bodies" to dehumanize the dead which too easily translates into dehumanizing the living? Part of this display (coming soon to a city near you) displays cutaways of human fetuses. Some have defects, all are proof that there is a real living person growing inside a pregnant woman. But the question is: Were these fetuses aborted and viable before being "plasticized"? There's a question of human rights violations by China and the legitimacy of how these bodies were obtained.
The presentation of the cadavers, which are often posed in strange positions, may give the impression that the deceased human body can be presented as an object of idle curiosity or even amusement. Viewers could easily see this exhibit as similar to a 19th century carnival presentation of human oddities, rather than contemporary science. Premier Exhibitions is also a for-profit entity, which could certainly add to the impression that the bodies are being exploited for financial gain, rather than any real scientific purpose.

Read this to learn more about what the Bible and Tradition say about humanity and dignity of the human body.

I report, you read and decide. Peace.

PS, I finally get it. The Catholic Church does not ordain women as priests because at the Last Supper Jesus Christ consecrated only men for the Priesthood (capital P). There were women present in the Upper Room. His Mother Mary was there as were other women [Mark 15:40 And there were also women looking on afar off: among whom was Mary Magdalen, and Mary the mother of James the less and of Joseph, and Salome: 41 Who also when he was in Galilee followed him, and ministered to him, and many other women that came up with him to Jerusalem.] Nowhere in Holy Scripture or Tradition has there ever been anything written that indicates that women specifically were ordained as Priests. Everything written or passed down orally from the Early Church {Catholic, Universal} only indicates a male Priesthood. Jesus was very precise in his teaching. He never once indicated that women were to be ordained as Priests. The argument about the "day in which Jesus lived" is not valid. Jesus did a lot and said a lot that caused contention. If God had wanted women to be consecrated as Priests, God would have had Jesus say so. It's not there, It's just not there. All the present arguments are null and void. They hold no water. Or bread and wine, either. When humans get angry because they don't like what they know is Truth and they want to change God to make Him "more personable" or "more relative to humanity," they start another faith-walk and claim it's somehow directly linked to Jesus or the Upper Room and that it's a "fresh interpretation of Scripture" or it's a "direct revelation from God," or they propose to be a "prophet of god" (and we know that the way to verify if this is true is to examine every prophecy to see if all of them are correct -- Prophets of God cannot have a 99% or less accuracy rating).

There are 10 Commandments. These are commandments, not suggestion-ments. As soon as someone wanted to break one of them, he started a new 'church,' a 'denomination,' a NEW faith-walk. And this faith-walk was created by cutting off whatever the "founder" did not like in the former Church or faith-walk. King Henry the Eighth is prime example. He'd already pulled strings to get a Church annulment (an annulment means that the marriage was not a Valid Christian Marriage before God) and when the Prince of the Church on Earth, accountable to the Head of the Church, Christ Jesus, and accountable for all of the souls in Christendom said "No," old Henry got angry rather than subject himself to the 10 Commandments and the only and Holy Catholic Church. What did he do? He created his own church by removing all England from the auspices of Rome, the Roman Church and the Pope, naming himself the head of the "church in England."

And with each subsequent 'divorce' from Rome and the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Western Civilization has stepped farther and farther from the Church consecrated in the Upper Room. There are all kinds of reasons given for this: such as, King Henry VII just wanted to get the Bible (which he desecrated by removing 7 books) written in the language of "the common man" when in fact he wanted to cavort with which ever woman he thought could produce a male heir for him. It is sad. You can get upset, but what I say can be verified with every subsequent "denomination" or "new" church or faith-walk. Until all who want to call themselves Christian give obeisance to the Catholic Church (and when the Orthodox Church re-combines with the Catholic Church in Rome -- which I believe will occur in the near future), we are like the people at the Tower of Babel after God confused their tongues and languages. When all Christendom can reunite to give proper praise, honor and respect to God, then we will once again be "the Body of Christ" and ready for Him to return to take His Church to be in Heaven with Him. MARANATHA!

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Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
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