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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Only DFCS could screw up Easter

The Citizen.Com of Fayette County, GA, reported the following on March 18, 2008.
The whole assault on Fayette County DFACS started when a DFACS big boss beat her child black and blue, and was called to answer for her crime. Mary Dean Harvey, a corrupt, incompetent crony of B.J. Walker (head of DHR), tried to force the local department to ignore the child abuse. Ms. Harvey was told protection of the county’s children was more important than protecting some carpet-bagging child abuser from Chicago. So, phony charges of racism against Fayette DFACS were ginned up and the NAACP recruited to put the hammer down. I am tired of racial politics. I am particularly tired of black politicians using race as a club to beat up people who are just trying to do their jobs in a very tough environment.

B.J. Walker happens to be black, so the fact that she is incompetent and Republican is trumped by race.

Mary Dean Harvey resigned when her efforts to cover up the whole mess became public knowledge. Before her resignation, Harvey is alleged to have made some threats against the local DFCS officials as well as disparaging comments about the county judge handling the case. Both Harvey and the other DFCS official accused of child cruelty worked for Georgia Department of Human Resources chief B.J. Walker.

The biggest problem for Georgians is that B.J. Walker was appointed by none other than Governor Sonny Perdue. So nothing will be done to restructure DFCS or to revamp it so that all County offices are run according to the Manual and are accountable to the public (and their County boards are replaced with people who are honest). DFCS (Division of Family And Children Services) makes up its own rules depending on the character of the County Director. And with DHR (Department of Human Resources) in the incapable hands of B.J. Walker, you can bet that the capable DFCS Directors are few and far between. Corruption always starts at the top and filters down. In the case of DFCS, the corruption has been rampant for many, many years.

I hate to say it, but Georgia needs a Governor willing to admit he made a mistake in appointing a person to head DHR and replace her with someone who's competent, without regard to race or color or religious affiliation.

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Islam Coexist? Muhammed said "Never!"

Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
Thanks al_c
"We love death. The United States loves life. That is the big difference between us." – Osama bin Laden
"I have been made victorious through terror." Muhammad, founder of Muhammadism now called Islam (Submit or Die)

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Obama is to the USofA as Castro was to Cuba!

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