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Saturday, March 29, 2008

In 1985, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson (the future Mrs. Obama) Wrote a Thesis

Part the First
Part the Second
Part the Third
Part the Fourth

This is her Thesis title: "Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community." The problem with it, is that with the information she received from 89 of 400 questionnaires she sent to black Princeton students and alumni she was not able to validate her thesis. She wanted Princeton students and alumni to state that they were black first and Americans second. Except they didn't and don't believe that. They responded that they are American first and black second.

Because of her own racist bigotry, Michelle Obama is angry at the USofA. She is black first. But what does she do with Barack? Barack H Obama is Arab first. NO, he is not; Barack H Obama is 1/2 Caucasian. Barack H Obama is Caucasian, WHITE first and Arab second and doesn't have the required 1/8 blood line to be African. And I surmise that part of his and her anger is directed toward his being half white.

I'm no expert on "high yellow" blacks and if they're 'really' black, but it appears to me that Jeremiah Wright is not 100% Negro-African race. Is his spewing forth of racial epithets a type of self-hatred because he is not 100% Negro-African?

And can I take this a step further? Is he also preaching the liberal social gospel of "the whites owe you" (reparations) out of this internal turmoil because he is not 100% anything? He's not preaching the Gospel of the Beatitudes. He's not preaching the Gospel of "love your neighbor" because in his book, your neighbor can only be another black person. (However he defines "black.") Yet a cursory glance at Scripture reminds us of the story of the Good Samaritan. Apparently in the Bible, everyone is our neighbor to whom we are to show kindness, but in Jeremiah Wright's bible, only blacks are to show kindness to blacks and not to whites.

I don't think we have a huge racial divide in the USofA. I know there is division among the various ethnic groups and races, but it is not always as a result of the other person's race or ethnicity. People who assimilate are usually (but not always) looked upon as who they are or what they are. I've told the story (somewhere in the archives here) of the black nurse who wanted to place my breast in the proper position for a mammogram and asked if she could touch me. Until the moment that she answered my question "Why are you asking me this?" did it even register that she was black. Some people don't want a black touching them, she said. That still is so hard for me to comprehend. She's a Nurse or Technician or whatever, but She Wears The Uniform and all I saw was a Nurse who I assumed knew what she was doing. That she was black or yellow or red or purple made absolutely no impression on me in that situation. Who cares? I didn't care what ethnic or race she was. Her race wasn't pertinent to the situation. And for anyone to make it important is just plain "stupid."

In the USofA I see division among legal citizens, green card immigrants and illegal immigrants. I see division between gang-bangers and law abiding citizens. I see division between pro-gun advocates and anti-gun advocates. I see division among Catholics and Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and other religions. I see division between the Men's Room and the Women's Room. Not all divisions are "bad." But even with our divisions, there is always an overlapping of likenesses and similarities. Just like Princeton Alumni can be black, white, brown, red, yellow, and gray. They're all going to root for their 'team' to beat the other 'team' because that's what we do when we assimilate into that community.

I THINK I'VE GOT IT!!! The "magic" word is "COMMUNITY." That is what Michelle Obama is missing in her life. Michelle Obama is not a part of overlapping Communities. She's isolated herself (as have Jeremiah Wright and other's who accept his viewpoint) from the Community of humans.

Recall those Geometry problems with the overlapping circles? What the bigots and racists (of whatever stripe or color) have done is to place their circle off in one corner, refusing to have a connection with other circles. It is they who are the racists, xenophobes, bigots who refuse to BELONG TO THE COMMUNITY OF HUMANS.

H3LL, yes I'm a racist . . . I'm a HUMAN racist. And I belong to many communities full of other humans. Race you to the corner!

1 comment:

AuntieCoosa said...

Barack H Obama was in Pennsylvania campaigning and went to a bowling alley where he bowled ten pins for a score of 37. My comments on the CNN political ticker:
Obama's out of his league, and I don't mean just bowling. The Obamas have isolated themselves from "the community" whose votes he needs in order to win the nomination and the election. Most everyone has overlapping community groups to which we belong. The "neighborhood," the "children's school," the "YMCA or T-ball or little league or soccer or trap shooting" after school, the "piano, dance, martial arts" classes, the "bowling, bridge, square dance" groups, and the religious community. What these various communities have in common is that they often overlap more than once. Your neighbor's child may be on the same little league team, YMCA swim team, martial arts class and attend the same religious community as your child. You may see the parents at the YMCA adult swim, play bridge with them, and teach the Sunday School class they attend. The various communities may have sub-communities which have some members overlapping but not in all of the same activities. Obama set himself up with his two books as someone who doesn't have overlapping communities. He was so self-absorbed with what he considered his "identity crisis" or actually "crisees" (spelling phonetically), that he did not become a member of overlapping communities. The question is "WHY?" And I suggest this portends the reason he will lose either the nomination or the election or both. His attempt to "meet the voters" at the bowling alley is an example of his lack of membership in any number of communities and sub-communities most of the rest of us belong to. He talks "change" and he talks "hope" but he doesn't say what or how he will bring about change, if the change is for the good of all US citizens or just a few and neither does he state what the criteria is for the change he says he stands for. He stand for "hope" as in "a hand out?" Or what? Yes, Obama is way out of his league, and I don't just mean bowling.

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Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
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