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(2) Computer trespass in the first degree is a class C felony.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Letter sent to my Senators and Congressman

This Fox News article about the US House contemplating sending money to Mexico to aid them in stopping the drug trade between them and the USofA is . . . so much foolishness. The Best way to halt drugs coming in from Mexico is to Build A Fence and Stop the Drug Runners. The USofA has too many needs here at home for us to be "helping" the Country that is trying to undermine our entire way of life by sending their poor and uneducated citizens to the UsofA as illegal aliens (unlawful undocumented immigrants) to use up our resources as we educate them and their children, give them Medicaid, and give their Anchor Babies US Food Stamps. It has been verified that former Mexican President Vincente Fox had a picture book made especially for the less educated Mexican citizens explaining how to enter the USofA illegally/unlawfully. This “comic book” is available to Mexicans. Encouraging illegal unlawful immigration makes the Government of Mexico an accomplice in this crime against the USofA Government. And Vincente Fox’s “comic book” is not funny!

In this area of North Georgia, there are a lot of uneducated illegal undocumented Mexicans as well as undocumented Mexican Indians (Mayan and the like). These Mexicans cannot read or write Spanish and the Mexican Indians don’t speak Spanish as their first language. The illegal undocumented Mexicans drive while unlicensed, do not have auto insurance, and have a high rate of DUIs. Few towns in North Georgia actually demand jail time of Mexican’s with DUIs thereby giving them ample opportunity for vehicular manslaughter before they are removed from the general population and jail time is not guaranteed. Unlawful alien Mexicans with DUIs are merely fined, again and again. Every week there are at least two unlawful aliens with DUIs listed in the local weekly newspaper. The Sheriff’s department knows the men they arrest are unlawful aliens, but say that Homeland Security won’t come pick them up, so they just let the men go . . . every time they’re arrested for a DUI.

Does Mexico allow just anyone to enter their Country and siphon off their resources? Not for a minute. Mexico gave “Dog the Bounty Hunter” a lot of negative publicity when he located a criminal there and brought him to justice! There is a totally and completely unfair border practice between Mexico and the USofA and now the USofA wants to give Mexico a reward? NO!

NO, No, no. I agree with this statement made by . . . the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America that President Bush agreed to on March 23, 2005, [that] President Bush has decided to integrate us -- political and economic integration with Mexico and Canada – he’s going to pursue that agenda whether he explains it to the American people fully or not.

Sir, this is wrong. This is the wrong direction for who the USofA is to take. It goes against everything the USofA was founded on. Our founding fathers would rise up from their graves if they could, take up arms, and fight again for the sovereignty and independence of the USofA. If we lose our independence, we will lose everything every soldier has fought for, from the Revolutionary War to the current conflagration. The USofA will be “undone” and this will be the end of our way of life.

Please do what you can to see that this bill is not passed. Please do not allow any ‘deals’ between Vincente Fox and any US President other than those that keep Mexicans and their drugs in Mexico to be honored. The USofA does not need to pay Mexico to keep their own laws. We only need to pay for a fence between the two countries to resolve the ‘drug runner’ problems. And I expect the cost of a real fence will be much less than the money the USofA would spend trying to pay off Mexican officials so that they honor their badges and enforce their own laws.

Thank you,

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Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
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