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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Not Guest Worker! What about Tourist Visa?

The latest letter sent to Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia. Up for re-election in 2008, too.


Here's another thought, since I'm full of them (laughter okay).

The "skilled worker" immigrant issue is a smoke screen -- I think you reduced that to 200,000?

What about having everyone who wants to enter the USofA, unless as described below, be able to obtain a 3-month TOURIST VISA in exchange for a mouth swab for DNA, finger-prints, eye-print, and photo? (All placed in the FBI and CIA data base to be compared with criminals arrested for anything from misdemeanor to murder to working illegally as a tourist.

The 3-month VISA must be renewed and the person and his/her family can VISIT the USofA as Tourists only. No employment, No Medicaid, No Anchor Babies.

The SECOND set of Tourist Visas will be a "Tourist to Guest Worker Visa," also a 3-month Visa. What this is entails is the same swabbing, fingerprinting (of all household members), photographing, but allows the Tourist to Guest Worker to locate employment and an employer who will vouch for him. The employer MUST provide a) wages equal to or greater than minimum wage; b) access to health insurance for the entire family; and c) $500 for the Guest to Worker adult(s), $250 for a spouse who will not be employed during the Guest to Worker stay in the USofA, and $250 for each child in the household. The Head of Household MUST VERIFY legal marriage with a certified copy of a marriage certificate (translated into English). The income from the employer will be placed in a Federal Account and rationed to the 50 States at the end of each fiscal year based on the number of Guest to Worker Visa holders employed. The States will be mandated to use it to provide Medicaid and CHIPs in their State.

This SECOND group will be eligible for Medicaid for pregnant spouse and Medicaid for children who qualify or for the Children's HealthCare Initiative (WHICH NEEDS FULL FUNDING! Yes, I'm yelling.)

So we've got a huge data base of DNA, fingerprints, photos. Background checks can be completed on all Tourist Visa and Tourist to Guest Worker Visa.

What does the "Immigrant" have to do? He must report where and who he stays with while he's here on his 3 month Tourist Visa, every 30 days. (Computers can be set up in Libraries and various State and Federal Agencies for this "self reporting."

Penalities? Failure to provide information (even "no change") every 30 days will result in immediate deportation and subsequent barring from entry back into the USofA. A Tourist who is discovered employed in the USofA or a woman who has a baby while in the USofA will forfeit their Tourist Visa and the baby will NOT become an Anchor Baby, but will have the same citizenship as the Mother.

How to check? At first, it may be difficult as programmers enter data into the data base. But once the DNA and fingerprints AND TOURIST ID NUMBER are in the Data Base, anyone from Traffic Policeman to Potential Employer (through employment service) can access the Data Base to verify status. A Tourist will be reported immediately with current address, etc. A Tourist to Worker can be verified as employable.

Yes, the idea needs some work. But what about hashing it out with other Senators?

Thanks for reading my email.


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