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Friday, June 08, 2007


What or who makes your hair on the back of your neck rise like a dog ready for battle? What or who makes your eyes narrow, as if ready for conflict?

Hostility: Who, What, When, Where?

Been thinking of this due to a few situations familiar to me. And the situations have a lot in common.

FIRST: Unlawful immigration moochers from Mexico and other parts of the earth. They are looters who have unlawfully broken into Casa USofA and set up a squatter's rights sub-culture. They are defended by leftist-Marxists everywhere on earth. Right now, this includes support coming from the White House! They want to split Casa USofA; their motto "divide and conquer." And there are some people who would accommodate them, giving them Mexifornia, Mexizonia, New Meximexico and Mexas.

The Bush-Kennedy immigration amnesty bill is failing in the Senate. Now, "We the People" need to come up with a workable proposal. Many have been aired on talk-radio and on various television news shows. They all start with "ENFORCE THE EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAWS" and "BUILD THE FENCE FIRST." Why are Bush, Kennedy and a lot of Senators and Representatives playing footsie with unlawful immigrants? It's not for a few "grape and lettuce picker migrant workers" or "landscape migrants." Bush and Kennedy and a number of Congresspeople who were elected by USofAmerica Citizens have a "North American Union Agenda" to open up all borders to anyone who wants to enter the USofA. Terrorists included. Illegal Drug Runners included.

Did you hear or read how many USofA resources are being siphoned away from USofA Citizens to UNLAWFUL alien-immigrants? It's unconscionable. It's a travesty of justice. It is totally UN-American -- UN-USofA-American!

Congress must mandate that law enforcement in any USofA State arrest all unlawful, undocumented alien-immigrants in their area and turn them over to Homeland Security who will remove from the USofA the unlawful, undocumented alien-immigrant and return them, along with all family members here unlawfully and all children, whether "anchor-baby" or not, up to age 21, to their home Country within 10 days of being turned over to Homeland Security. The unlawful alien-immigrants will be swabbed, photographed, finger-printed and given a "you (list everyone in household, gender, date of birth) may apply for US Citizenship through your Country of origin when your youngest anchor baby is age 21 (with future date listed)." This lamminated card will spead up the legal immigration process when presented for Legal Immigration as the aforesaid fingerprints and DNA from the swabs can be run through NCIS and other governmental systems to determine if the person or persons applying for US Citizenship have committed any crimes which would deny them entrance to the USofA.

Congress must mandate that Homeland Security work with Border Agents to remove all Southern Border Agents who are family members or close friends with known drug-runners or coyotes who cross the Southern USofA border (with drugs or with persons who have no valid passport). The Border Agents removed for familiarity with drug-lords or coyotes can be offered positions at our Northern Border or an Airport or Port at least 500 miles from our Southern border. Border Agents Compean and Ramos must be pardoned by Congress, reinstated to their jobs, paid lost wages and all Court costs through the Texas District Attorney's office. And Johnny Sutton must be mandated to write appologies to both Border Agents.

Congress must mandate that Homeland Security conduct huge sweeps of areas known to harbor unlawful/illegal alien-immigrants, not just Mexicans. These unlawful immigrants must be swabbed, photographed, finger-printed, and returned to their Country of origin. Their identifying information will be kept on file indefinitely and used by law-enforcement from any State on an as needed basis. For instance, there are areas near Atlanta, GA, where Asian gangs rule. There are other known areas of the USofA where Asian, South American, and other gangs have overpowered the local law enforcement agency and rule.

Congress must mandate that every USofA Citizen obtain a Valid PassPort by the year 2010.

SECOND: Moochers and looters of other people's kindness and generosity. Most of this type personality are Leftist-Marxists. (So far no one who fits this description is serving in the White House. But there's a one in three chance that one will be running in the 2008 Presidential election. Democrats have a choice among a Saul Alinski trained Marxist, a black-separatist, and an ambulance chaser.)

Being generous can be a curse at times.

Moochers take many forms, but I have noticed a trend:

  • 1-Moochers play the "victim card" and turn on the tears if body language or verbal responses are not to their liking.

  • 2- Moochers play on the generousity of others but never repay that generousity in-kind.

  • 3- Moochers have a sad tale which always ends with their hands out waiting for a reward. What they fail to tell is how your financial help will further their ultimate agenda.

  • 4- Moochers mooch off of other people's popularity by becoming "sudden friends" with them.

  • 5- Moochers posture for a position at the top of the heap, even if it means elaborating and spreading gossip so that they can appear to be "the first to know and spread the (false) news."

  • 6- Moochers feed off the lime-light. They are always "on stage" acting their part as "victim (moocher)." And if the lime-light drifts away from them, they'll act out however they have to, pulling no stops, to bring that lime-light back to them.

  • 7-Moochers refuse to allow persons with greater talents dominate any discussion. Typical tactic of moochers is suddenly to bring up an unrelated topic in order to focus attention on themselves and their physical and/or mental disabilities.

  • 8- Moochers are negative personalities.

  • 9- Moochers drain energy from others, which is why they have no close friends, only distant acquaintances.

  • 10- The most anoying trait: Moochers don't know when to shut up and go home.

THIRD: Stalkers annoy me no end. I am not afraid of them because the law is on my side. Let me quote from an email I received the other day:
Beware Dooms Days are coming,June,10,thru the 16th of June, roflomao

Needless to say, I'm reporting this to my local Sheriff's Office so that they can watch my house for any activity by this stalker. And, yes, I'll be taking other precautions available to me.

So, there you go. Three situations which raise the hair on the back of my neck.

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Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
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