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Thursday, July 18, 2013

No Longer Able To Post on FaceBook

If you're familiar with Facebook, it's not just a Social Network, it's become a Political venue --- with pages that are inane and others which promote a political or ideological agenda --- from the far far left to the far far right --- and unfortunately, anyone who disagrees with someone's agenda or someone's comment can complain to the Powers That Be and have the page removed by Facebook or have the person who commented placed on a 'time out' or completely banned.

This is a simplification.

The Agenda of Facebook owners however tends to be on the far far left side of the political spectrum.  They have allowed hate pages, such as one I complained about entitled "Zimmerman must DIE" to stay up while they have deleted pages which support Christians or the Military, etc.  

I followed the directions and complained that Zimmerman must DIE was inappropriate.  Facebook emailed me that they disagreed and were leaving the page up.  I commented to them that they would take down an Obama must DIE page --- that I was NOT suggesting that such a page was appropriate --- and that the Zimmerman must DIE page was inappropriate and they were showing their liberal agenda by not removing the page.

SO today when I got on Facebook, I was unable to make any comments on anyone else's posts.

FINE ---- I have some info on how to totally DELETE my Facebook pages --- and both Carol E Donaldson and OneMore Carol pages will be deleted on Friday --- will I return?  Maybe later.  For now, I'm going to do what I can locally --- BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE ALL THE PROBLEMS IN POLITICS START --- 

If you've gotten here from Facebook ... please leave a comment --- I will miss SO MANY of my political friends --- but Facebook should be used for 'social networking' and something like the TEA Party Community is a better venue for Conservative Politics.

Peace and Blessings, Carol aka OneMore aka Coosa

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Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
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