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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Highland Views and Music for my Scot Friends

A video of Scotland...almost all the video and photographs are from Stirling Castle, Wallace Monument, Bruce Monument and Bannockburn. Accompanied by the music of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Einfach schön *Schottland* Spirit of the Glen Pipes and Drums

HIGHLAND CATHEDRAL - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

CAPERCAILLIE - Oh Mo Dhuthaich - Oh My Country - Scotland.

O mo dhuthaich' stu th'air m'aire
Uibhist chumhraidh ur anan gallan,
Far a faighte na daoin' uaisle,
Far 'm bu dual do Mha 'ic Ailein.

Tir a' mhurain, tir an eorna
Tir 's am pailt a h-uile seorsa
Far am bi na gillean oga
Gabhail oran 's 'g ol an lionna

Thig iad ugainn, carach, seolta
Gus ar mealladh far ar n-eolais;
Molaidh iad dhuinn Manitoba,
Duthaich fhuar gun ghual, gun mhoine.

Cha leig mi leas a bhith 'ga innse,
Nuair a ruigear, 'sann a chithear,
Samhradh goirid foghar sitheil,
Geamhradh fada na droch-shide

Nam biodh agam fhin de storas
Da dheis aodaich, paidhir bhrogan
Agus m'fharadh bhith 'nam phoca
'Sann air Uibhist dheanainn seoladh.

Oh My Country

O my country are on my mind
Fresh, fragrant Uist of the saplings,
Where the noble men are found
Who gave their hereditary allegiance to "Mac ic Ailein".

Land of seabed, land of barley
Land of abundance of every kind
Where the young lads will be
Singing songs and drinking beer

They will come to us cunning and wily
In order to entice us from our homes
They will praise Manitoba to us
A cold country with no coal and no peat!

I don't need to say
That when we reach it we'll see it
A short summer and a peaceful autumn
A long winter of bad weather.

If I had riches
A change of clothes and a pair of shoes
And my prayer in my pocket
It is to Uist that I would be sailing.

Time to Say Goodbye. Con te Partiro - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

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Islam Coexist? Muhammed said "Never!"

Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
Thanks al_c
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