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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Letter to my Congressman

30 July 2009

Dear Congressman Nathan Deal:

Hey, got to hear the discussion about Health Care on CSpan3. Very well put. 

I have a comment.  

WHY do the Democrats keep making the Drug Companies, Insurance Companies, and Doctors the "enemy" and attacking them? Don't they understand the economics of Medicine?  

Drug Companies are money making businesses, they spend a lot of years and their profits (and money from stocks) on discovering chemical formulas that result in helpful and healing drugs. There are major expenses for equipment, scientists, the every day costs of running a corporation (utilities, salaries, etc). Drugs don't just fall out of the air. Many take years and years to discover their efficacy. And each year has growing expenses for the Drug Companies. Add to that that many of the larger drug companies now have programs for people who cannot pay for their medicines. Their doctor can complete some forms for them and they get free or lower cost drugs from that company. Drug companies are not the enemy.  

Insurance companies are money making businesses too. They have just as much right as any other business to earn a living and to pay their employees a living wage. They don't sit in their offices and scheme how to dupe people out of their hard earned income. They use mathematics to figure out how much to charge for each insurance policy. Insurance companies don't care if States group together and lower their premium costs by providing a larger pool of people to purchase their insurance. It's NOT the Insurance Companies who are keeping people from forming large groups and purchasing Health Insurance. It's the States and probably (I didn't check) the Federal Government. Insurance Companies are not the enemy.  

Doctors are in business to earn a living for themselves and their staff, too. I've yet to meet a doctor who, if he/she couldn't reduce prices for a low income patient, would not refer that patient to a doctor who charged less. I've met doctors who will provide health care for a chicken. Yes, here in the States, in Suches, Georgia, Dr. Pruitt has been known to accept produce or farm animals in exchange for health care. He also secretly pays some of the costs of medication for his poorer patients whose pride would not allow them to accept "charity." There are some doctors who will forego their payment so that a patient can afford the hospital bill when the patient needs surgery. WHY do Democrats and the President saying that Doctors are in business to get rich? They ARE in business to pay their bills and earn a living, but they have hearts of gold . . . some maybe silver . . . but the vast majority care more about their patients than the President gives them credit for. Doctors are NOT the enemy.  

So who IS the enemy?  

I submit that WE are our own enemy. We meaning the Federal and State and Local Government and Lawyers and Laws. In many schools, children no longer have physical education because "they might get hurt" and their parents might sue. So the children sit all day and get fat. For every "excuse" imaginable, schools no longer teach Home Economics; schools no longer teach good etiquette and good eating habits. I haven't met a teacher since I was in school (about 45 years ago) who does "in room exercises" between classes to help burn energy and calories. School Administrations spend too much money on the salaries of the Administrators and little or none for programs which would educate students in good and healthful living habits. They want to teach small children about "Sam having two daddies" but they don't teach good eating habits. Nor do they have the parents come in for classes in how to prepare nutritious after school snacks. (The Extension Service used to do that when I was a little child 60 years ago.)  

As Adults, we sit and watch TV or sit in front of our Computers instead of getting actively involved in a hobby which would get our bodies moving. WE are responsible for much of our own Medical Problems and Costs. Not all of them, because we don't choose to catch pneumonia or to fall off a horse and break a leg. But we do choose to eat fattening foods and sit all day.  

How can Congress legislate that people quit watching reality television and get involved in some activity? They can't. Neither should Congress be involved in trying to provide Medical Health Coverage for everyone in the USofA.  

The Next thing, Congress will say we have a "right" to a life insurance policy. Where did I put my copy of the Constitution of the United States of America?  

Please bring up my concerns, if you can, and encourage Congress to vote NO on ANY Government Health Care.  

Government Health Care 
Efficiency of FEMA 
Compassion of IRS  

Thank you,  
Retired and with too much time on my hands (lol) 
******PS****** I am not related to any of the businesses listed above and have no Doctors in my close family. A cousin is a Veterinarian and a Cousin-in-law is an RN.

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