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Friday, June 05, 2009

The Cairo Deception

Thursday, June 4, 2009

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

The Cairo Deception

It was tough to begin this day by watching President Obama destroy history, undermine Israel and bow, this time rhetorically, to Islam during his speech at Cairo University. Below are some examples and my reactions.

OBAMA: “…America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

REACTION: Tolerance? Dignity? Islamic countries dominate the list of top human rights violators in the world. Throughout much of the Middle East, Christians live in fear and Jews can’t live at all.

OBAMA: “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s story. …And when the first Muslim American was recently elected to Congress, he took the oath to defend our constitution using the same Holy Koran that one of our Founding Fathers – Thomas Jefferson – kept in his personal library.”

REACTION: Nice try, Mr. President. Thomas Jefferson kept a copy of the Koran at least in part because he wanted to understand what part Islam played in motivating the jihadists of his age – the so called Barbary pirates – in America’s first encounter with Islam and the first time we sent troops into combat overseas.

OBAMA: “Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail.”

REACTION: Thank you, President Obama, for that clear statement of cultural and moral relativism that infects so many of our elites and obviously shapes the way you deal with the world. So you want a world order, where no nation or group is elevated over another, where America is to be considered no better than North Korea, Syria, or Iran. All cultures and nations are not equal. Some believe in liberty and the dignity of individuals. Some believe people are cattle to be herded by government. That you don’t understand that your own nation is preferable and better than the thug states of the world is tragic and dangerous. How I long for the days when President Reagan regularly reminded us that we were to be a “shining city upon a hill.”

OBAMA: “On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people – Muslims and Christians – have suffered in pursuit of a homeland. For more than sixty years they have endured the pain of dislocation. Many wait in refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, and neighboring lands for a life of peace and security that they have never been able to lead.

REACTION: The president here repeats a central tenet of Palestinian propaganda. Israel did not evict Muslim Palestinians – Arab League nations ordered them to leave. Nearly 20% of Israel today is Muslim. Nowhere does the president mention the Jewish refugees forced to flee to Israel. Nor did he mention that it is Arab Muslim countries that keep Palestinians in refugee camps rather than inviting and integrating them into their own countries.

OBAMA: “All of us have a responsibility to work for the day … when Jerusalem is a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims, and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together.”

REACTION: Don’t miss the significance of this statement. Here Obama is calling for turning Jerusalem, which has always been home for Jews, into an international city under control of who? The U.N.? The E.U.? All religions have access to Jerusalem now, because Israel, unlike its neighbors, is tolerant.

OBAMA: “That is why we are forging service projects in America that bring together Christians, Muslims, and Jews. That is why we welcome efforts like Saudi Arabian King Abdullah’s interfaith dialogue and Turkey’s leadership in the Alliance of Civilizations.”

REACTION: Yet another big wet kiss from the president for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, a country that will not permit a Bible to be displayed nor allow an infidel to set foot in its “holy” cities.

OBAMA: “Hamas does have support among some Palestinians, but they also have responsibilities. To play a role in fulfilling Palestinian aspirations, and to unify the Palestinian people, Hamas must put an end to violence, recognize past agreements, and recognize Israel’s right to exist.”

REACTION: Here the president extends an olive branch to one of the most bloodthirsty terror groups in the Middle East. The only “aspiration” Hamas is interested in fulfilling is the destruction of Israel and the eviction of the U.S. from the Middle East. And notice when the president says that Hamas must recognize Israel’s right to exist, he very tellingly leaves off the most important phrase “as a Jewish state.” Hamas will never recognize the right of Jews to have one nation.

Please feel free to share this report with family and friends.

1 comment:

Auntie Coosa said...

Found this at:

“Asalmu alaykum” is not an “Arabic greeting”.
This is how BO began his ‘speech’
It is a required greeting from Muslim to Muslim.
Muslims and non-Muslims, of whatever ethnic group, do not normally exchange this greeting.

My impression is that BO galvanized most of the Muslim world unto himself and now HE is the titular head of 1.5 billion Muslims. He’s their boy now.

He now has that threat over us.
If we don’t behave, then he can call them up.

Islam Coexist? Muhammed said "Never!"

Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
Thanks al_c
"We love death. The United States loves life. That is the big difference between us." – Osama bin Laden
"I have been made victorious through terror." Muhammad, founder of Muhammadism now called Islam (Submit or Die)

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George Stephanopoulos tries to correct Obama when he says "my Muslim faith" but it wasn't a gaffe and Obama corrects Stephanopoulos. The Question is: Why say "MY Muslim faith" first? He went back to correct Stephanopoulos, but again "MY Muslim faith" was used. WHY?

Obama is to the USofA as Castro was to Cuba!

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