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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr, -- My predictions

According to genealogy compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner, and corrected by me, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr's ethnic ancestry is as follows:

43.75%.........Luo Tribe, ARAB Kenyan




03.125%....... .Scottish



00.0625%.......Negro-African (great great great grandparent)




William Addams Reitwiesner (google) forgets to include (as he lists BHObama as 50% Luo) and I did correct above is that the Luo Tribe in Kenya is and has been ARAB Muslims and not considered or classed as Africans by Kenya or any other Nation in Africa. There are other Nations and Tribes also delineated as Arab and not African-Negro on the continent of Africa. He also neglects to mention that one great great great grandparent was of African-Negro descent which is why Barack Hussein Obama is 1/16 of that initial 50% African-Negro. He does not have enough African-Negro blood to be considered an "African-American" (he must be 1/8 to do so legally in the USofA). Barack Hussein Obama is only 1/16 African-Negro.

Barack Hussein Obama's TRUE lineage is Arab-English if you go by percentages.

If you group the Caucasian and Kenyan, he becomes a Caucasian-Arab or an Arab-American.

ARAB is not a skin color. There are Arabs who are black, brown, dark tan, light tan, red and yellow, and "white." Although not all Arabs are Muslims, in BHObama's family in Kenya, all are Arab Muslims. And BHObama has written that "the proudest day of my life was when Roy reverted to Islam" or something similar. . . the "proudest day in my life" part is accurate and Roy's reversion (not revulsion) to Islam is documented.

I think there's an old saying . . . "You can't tell an Arab by his color." (Or is that "book by its cover?") It applies here.

PLEASE try to educate the public about the true lineage of Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack and African Family

One Happy Muslim Arab Kenyan Family. Raila Odingo, Kenyan Arab Marxist, Cousin of BHObama at his right.

Personally, I believe that Barack's defining moment came as a teenager when he decided to try to find his "African" roots and quickly learned they were ARAB roots. Rather than define himself "White Folk" (which he could as he is 50% Caucasian), he opted to try to find his own 'blackness' based on his own skin color and not on his lineage. He still carries that deep animosity with him and it "colors" everything he does and says. He's till trying to prove that he is a "black" without acknowledging that he is not "black enough" because he is ARAB who just happens to have dark skin. I think that's also why he said he tried drugs -- it's a "black thing" in his mind. He married an angry at her "race" black woman and attended an "angry at white (folk)" church so that he doesn't have to face his own lack of blackness and enormity of ARABness.

My unasked for opinion is that Barack Hussein Obama is headed for a monumental nervous breakdown due to all the baggage and lies he has had to attempt to believe in order to make himself "black" knowing in his heart that he will never be "black enough" because he is not "black." He rarely states that he is African-American any longer, but he does say he's a "black man." Each time he says this he knows it perpetuates the lie that he is "African" and the weight of that lie comes crushing in on his soul. He allows others to make the connection (black skin = African) without being honest to himself or others. His family in Kenya has even stated publicly that they wonder when Barack will come out of the closet and identify with them as an Arab Muslim.

All that glitters is not gold. All that is black is not African. Anger will eventually eat a person up and Barack Hussen Obama is so full of the bile of anger that he is a walking mental breakdown bomb.

As I see it from here.

And don't forget the DUAL Kenyan-USofA Citizenship! When will he explain that? Just whose "side" is he on?

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Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
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