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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Cost of Liberalism

One of the issues which liberals are partially responsible for, besides all the others which come to mind, is the broad association of the word "sex" with activities which actually are issues of control of another person by a stronger person or a person in authority.

Usually when we think "sex" the first definition we intend is "gender." The second definition when we think "sex" is is not sex in the grossest or basest forms: sodomy, rape, pedophilia. In the USofA, we use the term "sex" to mean "sexual intercourse" either inside marriage or not. And we usually still mean that to be "one man with one woman." Or at least we did before the liberals decided to broaden the implied meaning of the term.

Now, how are liberals responsible for sodomy, rape and pedophilia? First they have insisted that it is better for people to "come out of the closet" than to hide their activities? They've pushed the envelope of Freedom of Speech to include every type of sexual encounter, from bestiality to necromancy. No longer are such subjects taboo for 'polite society' because there is no 'polite society' and there is no embarrassment or shame for lewd and lascivious acts. Teens recently taped the rape of a 13 year old by their classmates and put the video on YouTube. MySpace is often full of explicit sexual conversations.

Liberals are in part responsible because they have so watered-down the importance of character and social standing that some men and women see sexual conquests as badges and try to collect as many as possible. Not that this didn't occur in the past or with most high school and college sport* teams. *fill in football, basketball, baseball, etc. But now? Even "I've never done this kind of thing before" people are engaging in sexual activities they would not have if it weren't glorified in the media.

I lay at former President Bill Clinton's feet the increase in reports of sodomy since he "didn't have sex with that woman." I know personally of one high school stadium where the boys line up against the wall (under the bleachers), pull down their zippers, and stick out their "organs" and the high school girls line up, get on their knees, and "don't have sex" with the boys, moving on down the line before the teacher or school patrolman catches them and makes them cease this activity. The authorities take no action against the perpetrators. The administration makes pamphlets available for the students to read and take home. Do you know that there are still school children (of all age groups) who do not believe that sodomy is "sex?" They think that "sex" just means "sexual intercourse between a man and a woman" and doesn't include any form of sodomy. Any form of sodomy.

Using this excuse: "You're know you're old enough to date boys now," he told her. "I'm about to break you in." a father raped his own daughter. Due to some prior convictions for drug and weapon charges, the man was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 20 years, for rape and incest. Where in the world did he get the idea that he had to "break his daughter in?" What movie? What book? What website?

A State of Washington pedophile set up a website "how-to" manual, complete with the best places in western Washington state to see little girls, and tips on how to avoid getting caught by the police. And it's legal. The Internet Service Provider has taken the site down while they investigate if any material on the website is illegal. The man was photographing children and putting the photos on his website. One family saw their daughter's photo from her dancing class and took action to get the photo removed. And what does this pedophile have to say? "I really think a lot of this pedophilia hysteria is overblown." So do liberals, so do liberals.

In an email discussion about a different topic, I mentioned that Duty, Honor, Country were no longer important to US Citizens. Liberals have been like termites or carpenter bees eating away at the importance of each. Character used to be important and something that a person treasured. Character is now scoffed at and spoken of as if it was an aberration rather than a desired quality. Honor? Marriages aren't honored. Business commitments are not honored. A person's word is no longer as good as his bond. In fact, people will forfeit bond to break their contracts. Children do not honor their parents in the way and tone they speak to them. Where are the honorable people? And lastly, Country. Liberals seem hell-bent to destroy the USofA and what the USofA has stood for during the past two hundred years.

I think liberals need a history lesson and a class in morals, conduct, and patriotism. What do you think?

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Islam Coexist?  Muhammed said "Never!"
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